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Schedule, Wednesday August 3rd, 2022

Student lightning talk session
Bias in Toxicity Detection
Paula Reyero Lobo
Artificial Intelligence Diffusion in Public Administration
Rohit Madan
Navigating NLP Technologies to Mitigate Harm
Eddie Ungless
Towards Understanding Human-AI Relationships
Marisa Tschopp
Public Attitudes towards AI
Marina Budić
AI Alignment Dialogues: An Interactive Approach to AI Alignment in Support Agents
Pei-Yu Chen
Emotion Recognition Technology: Re-shaping human relationships
Alexandra Pregent
Hijacking Epistemic Agency – How Emerging Technologies Threaten our Wellbeing as Knowers
John Dorsch
What’s (Not) Ideal about Fair Machine Learning?
Otto Sahlgren
Designing objectives and constraints for AI decision-making
Sreejith Balakrishnan
Governing AI Applications to Monitoring and Managing Our Global Environmental Commons
Melissa Chapman
Tell Me Why: Explaining Black-Box Classification Algorithms Using Most Similar Counterfactuals
Julia Barnett
Memorization in Language Models
Katherine Lee
Considering Context as it Relates to Student Agency Conditions in Intelligent Game-Based Learning Environments
Allison Macey
Automated Kantian Ethics
Lavanya Singh
Ethics, Transparency, and Accountability for Mass Communication Platforms
Jack Bandy
How to design smart homes for older persons
Nadine Andrea Felber
Comprehensive Human Oversight Framework to ensure accountability over Autonomous Weapon Systems
Ilse Verdiesen
Understanding algorithmic bias in British English automatic speech recognition
Nina Markl
Rethinking Counterfactual Visual Explanations – Evidence from Human Users
Eoin Delaney
Exploitation and Algorithmic Pricing
Arianna Dini
Constructing meaningful Explanations: Logic-based Approaches
Laura State
Dialogue Explanation With Reasoning For AI
Yifan Xu
Examining Trust in Conversational Systems: Conceptual and Empirical Foundations for the Relation Between User Trust, Related Behavior, and System Trustworthiness
Anuschka Schmitt
Bias in Artificial Intelligence Models in Financial Services
Ángel Pavón Pérez
Ethical Recommenders in the Public Library sector
Savvina Daniil
Socially-Aware Artificial Intelligence for Fair Mobility
Dimitris Michailidis
Artificial Quasi Moral Agency
Jen Semler
Ethical Design for AI in Medicine
Éric Pardoux
Fairness Implications Behind the Technical Assumptions of Machine Learning
Angelina Wang
Student poster session
Conference wrap-up by chairs
Farewell Lunch