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Call for papers (Students)



The second annual conference on AI, Ethics and Society, which will take place in New York, NY on February 7-8, 2020, is soliciting applications for the Student Track.

The student track has two purposes: to provide graduate students with financial support to attend the conference, and to create some structured engagement between student participants and senior scholars at AIES. In addition to attending the conference, accepted students will participate in a poster session explaining their own research in progress, and will have the opportunity to meet with senior scholars for mentoring purposes.

Participants in the student track are welcome, though not required, to submit papers to AIES. These papers can overlap substantially with research-in-progress presentations but must not be identical. The CFP for AIES 2020 can be found here.

Acceptance into the student program will include both free conference registration and a travel stipend.

Students working on a variety of topics are encouraged to apply, including:

  • Cultural, political, and other societal impacts of AI
  • AI and surveillance/manipulation of people
  • Impact of AI on jobs and work
  • Meaningful control, safety, and security of AI
  • AI and geopolitics
  • AI and vulnerable groups
  • When, why and how to ban, restrict, cost and tax AI
  • Ethical models/frameworks around AI and data
  • AI and environmental costs and impacts
  • AI and labor, AI and markets
  • Value alignment and moral decision making
  • Trustworthy AI systems
  • Black box systems and modes of investigation and explanation
  • Ethically-aligned design
  • Challenges and contradictions in AI-related design, development and ethics
  • AI and the public interest
  • Infrastructures of AI
  • AI and law, regulation and governance
  • AI and literature, performance, counter-culture, resistance
  • New/novel AI-related concepts
  • Speculative future AI design and implications
  • Innovative methodologies for studying/analyzing AI
  • Developments in AI concepts, definitions, schools of thought
  • Model Reuse and Model provenance
  • Including Ethics in pedagogy of AI

Please see the submissions page for complete details on putting together an application.

Submission deadline: December 15, 2019

Notification: Jan 5, 2020

Camera Ready: January 12, 2020

Conference Dates: Feb 7-8 2020

Submission of Final Version of Presented Research: March 15th, 2020 (Note that this step is optional, and that the final version is after the conference dates to include feedback from the conference discussion)

Student program co-chairs:

Kishonna Gray, Gender & Women’s Studies and Department of Communication, University of Illinois at Chicago

Vandana Janeja, Information Systems, University of Maryland, Baltimore County

Josephine Namayanja, University of Massachusetts Boston